Revolutionizing the African Technology Space

We are a provider of tech solutions to banking and financial service institutions (BFSI), education, health, and other sectors of all size in Africa.

We believe African solutions are better developed by African technology companies.

Our Major Focus

Following our work over the years, we have provided businesses and organisations with top-notch technological solutions. With our major focus on:

Financial Institutions

We are software provider and IT advisory company with special expertise in Core Banking Solution and system integration for Financial Institutions and payment companies.

Educational Institutions

We are assisting this sector with an interactive solution that seeks to simplify communication and information exchange between schools, teachers and parents/guardians. It eliminates the security challenges completely.

Health Organizations

We are driving the harmonization of medical-patience record across Africa with our secure med data solution for hospitals.


InstiQ has a unique logistic solution that bolsters economic activity, exponentially growth delivery of goods and services and improves merchants' turnovers.

Our Clients

We are committed to delivering a positive impact to clients and communities in Africa through technology

Our Products

We have crafted in-house solutions which have stood the test of time and has helped multiple organizations across Africa.

TME (Transaction Made Easy)

TME, as the name implies, is a powerful Core Banking Application (CBA) for Banks and other financial institutions. The application was designed to suit and make the transactions easy for the end-users.

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My Youngstar

MyYoungstarTM is an efficacious application designed to ease administrative and learning processes in schools. The application enhances parents-educator communication and fosters real-time data analysis

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DocFlow is a workflow process software that takes care of end to end approval process without needing any manual intervention. Creating an approval workflow from existing process is one of the easiest case to implement on DocFlow solution by InstiQ.

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Mentorship Application

We have developed a solution with helpful matching criteria. It ensures suitable matching method for you; matching your mentors and mentees in the fastest and most accurate way possible.

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Online Tax Payment

This is an online business directory structured to place products and services in the front of those that need it through the use of advanced online marketing tools. The website also performs digital marketing campaign and social medi marketing for its users.

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Mobile & Internet Banking

Beyond our proprietary solution Promobile©️.Our Internet & Mobile Banking App continues to gain popularity for the convenience it gives the bank’s customers as it offers them the comfort of having bank services open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to customers through Mobile App and Online platform. InstiQ’s internet banking solution saves time and offers both individual and corporate clients self-service abilities.

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Our Esteemed Partners

InstiQ Partners with organisations to build enduring, era-defining companies that defines their sectors.

Success Stories

See how InstiQ is delivering positive impact to clients and communities in Africa through technology.


TME - Transaction Made Easy - Branch Automation Project


Mobile Internet Banking - Design & Development.


DocFlow Management - Design & Implementation.

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